Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who is this man?

Michele: This guy showed up just before we left for Townsville. He looks remarkably like the Gavin of 20 years ago. Could it be the same guy?

Amazing how strange someone can look when you are used to seeing them with a goatee for 17 years!

When some folks have a mid-life crisis they buy toys, change careers or change their lifestyles. Changing careers is old hat for Gavin and it seems a 5 month adventure in Australia wasn't enough of a life style change for him.

I wonder if I'm going to find a motorcycle in the garage someday soon....


  1. Ooh. . .very handsome. Not that you weren't before, of course.

  2. Gavin looks so much younger!

  3. That's the Gavin I knew freshman year in college! The goatee was a sharp look for him - gave him the Anti-Kirk look (you know, when they swapped parallel universes).

  4. If only you were so lucky to find a motorcycle in the garage! Can't you just picture Gavin in leather chaps, an old Nazi war helmet with spike on top, and flowing leather tassles? Of course then he'd have to grow facial hair back...