Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rhinoceros Beetle

Robin: I found a dead Rhinoceros Beetle at the beach. First, I thought that it was a black nut thingy. But then I flipped it over with my foot and saw that it has a horn. It was clinging to a bunch of sea weed and Daddy had to get a bunch of sea weed off of it. The beetle that it is next to in the picture is a normal sized beetle that you would usually find. In the picture the beetles are life-sized. The Rhinoceros Beetle's eyes are below the top pinchy thing.They are where the bottom pincher comes up.


  1. i remember seeing one...in Colombia on exchange at the power plant we visited..and the man had it in it's hand....i only wished...i took a picture of it back then...because i knew that would be my only chance to see one up close and personal.

  2. WOW! Robin you are finding some very unusual critters in Australia. I wish we were still there. It was truly amazing and beautiful.


  3. Hi Robin... you've done a really nice job of writing about this beautiful... very good detail. You are an excellent observer. I would love to see a beetle like this someday - wow! ....Mary Ellsworth