Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Ausmerican Halloween

Robin: For Halloween we made a Pavlova. Not an ordinary Pavlova, it was a Halloween Pavlova. We put food colouring in the cream to make it orange and we put fudge squeezy-stuff on the cake to make a spider's web and a spider. We put the gummy snakes on it because snakes are bit spooky, aren't they? I also thought that getting the food colouring to make the cream orange was a good idea because it was a good excuse to buy food colouring for my celery, water and food colouring project.

We did the Halloween Pavlova because kids here don't do trick or treating. The only big way that they celebrate Halloween is for the Halloween disco that was last night. The Halloween disco happens at our school and about everyone in the whole school goes there in costume. We didn't go because we had to pick up mommy from the airport. I wasn't sad that we didn't go to the Halloween disco because my friend's mum said that the people would be running around screaming and when they turn the lights off, they would scream even louder. Also the music was up as loud as it could get.


  1. Robin: That Pavlova was great. It was a perfect Halloween treat! Tonight is trick or treat here. Poppy has an orange shirt that says, "This is my costume," and I have a black shirt with dancing skeletons on it.

    We are thinking of you--HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


  2. loves the kids will appreciate halloween even more! :)