Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dough Doh!

Gavin: So the Australian economy has been doing pretty well; unemployment is under 6%, the recession here has been mild, and even though there was a big stimulus plan down here overall government debt is low (20% of GDP-- the US is at at about 70% of GDP).

That's good news for Australians. Not so good for our personal finances; every time the dollar weakens everything here gets more expensive for us. We shoulda listened to our friends who told us back in March it was a good time to buy Australian currency.

It is a very nice currency; the bills are colorful, attractive and waterproof. And the coins have kangaroos and emus on them (and the Queen, of course). One of these days I'll even remember that the little gold ones ($2 coins) are worth MORE than the big gold ones ($1 coins)...

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