Monday, July 13, 2009

Emu Trauma Bonding

Gavin: I'm still waking up before sunrise, but later and later every day. We played at the beach at the beginning and end of the day, but in between it was non-stop errands.

We met Robin and Will's teachers and filled out lots of paperwork to get them enrolled in school. There was some panic when we were told I'd either have to get proof of Australian citizenship or pay $500 per week for the kids to go to school, but it all worked out-- I brought along my birth certificate because I couldn't find my aussie passport.

There's a life-size statue of a Cassowary in Will's classroom; they're HUGE! After the school visit we bought school supplies at the local news agent, and started chatting with the store clerk, who warned us that we should keep our distance from Cassowaries. I mentioned that one of my few memories of childhood in Melbourne was being pecked at by an emu at a wildlife sanctuary:

"Melbourne? You must mean Healesville Sanctuary; I'm from Melbourne, and was attacked by emus there, too!"

Yup, Healesville Sanctuary. I was five. The emu was 8 feet tall, I think. Those early childhood experiences run deep; I'm afraid I might wet my pants if I have a close encounter with a Cassowary here.


  1. Gavin, have you got your Aussie accent back yet?

  2. Will has already starting calling 'trash' as 'rubbish'-- though I suspect he was joking around. It will be interesting to see how school affects their language.
    I haven't noticed an accent change in Gavin yet but he has picked up the phrase 'no worries' with ease.