Monday, July 20, 2009

Robin on Parade

Michele: Every Monday morning first thing at school is Parade [we are not sure why they call it that]. All the children in the school gather for announcements, singing of the Australian anthem and giving out of awards. About 15 awards are given out for good efforts during the past week. The principal likes to emphasize the positive and I think this is a very nice approach. Robin is going to tell you about one award given today.

Robin: I got a award today because I am new.
The Principal called out what the person did, then their name he told him/her to come up to the stage [it is more like a platform] then he gave the person a piece of paper [that is the award]. Then, he shakes their hand. When I got my award this is what he said
"This award goes to a girl who is new,she just got here a few days ago. She is doing very well in school and she is getting along really well. Robin Anderson. [ha ha] Please come up the stage."
I feel good about getting this award but a little nervous about getting up in front of the whole school. I also felt good because everyone clapped for me when I got the award.

Will: When the principal said Robin's award I looked to my friend and smiled. I was proud of my sister. Also, my friend Cameron got an award for being friendly with a new kid. I was the new kid.

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