Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Social Couple of Days

Michele: After a week of working from home and feeling a bit isolated, we had three days with lots of socializing. On Friday, Gavin and I volunteered for the school's Tabloid Sports day. From 9 am to 12:30 we played games with the kids in years prep-3. Our game station was a bit complicated and my American accent seemed to confound some of the young ones. Will and Robin really liked having us at school and I enjoyed meeting their friends. It was wonderful to see Robin and her friend Hazel chattering away. Meanwhile, Will and his friend Oliver both sat side by side quietly awaiting instructions. They were easily the calmest 7 year-olds in the entire school.

At 10:00 the whole school has 'little lunch'. This seems to be more than a snack and like a light lunch. They have a recess after this and then back to classes until the 'big lunch' at 12:30, which is also followed by another recess. Many of the adults brought along 'little lunches' to eat with the kids. I'm still a little confused about all the lunches. The tuck shop (for buying lunches) is open Wed-Fri but Robin and Will are still a bit shy about buying lunch. I'm still sorting out what half the items are. Lavash? Pikelet? By 12:30 on Friday Gavin and I were worn out and looking forward to the peace and quiet of working in our house for the rest of the day.

Saturday we had a delightful day visiting Uncle Larry and Aunt Coreen in Babinda. Gavin's cousin Melissa and her husband Jim were there from Mareeba too. I was thrilled to finally meet Melissa and get the chance to know both her and Coreen. When Gavin and I were married the groom's side of the church was pretty empty. His mum was his only family there because all the rest are all in Australia. Saturday's gathering was very special to us -- a comfortable Andresen family get together. I'm looking forward to more such gatherings over the coming months and when Lorna visits.

I gave Melissa and Coreen some wicked heavy pots that I made -- thank goodness they survived the journey. Maybe making thick pots has an advantage.... Although we brought along a camera, we were enjoying ourselves so much that we forgot to take pictures! Larry's garden hosts amazing bromeliads, orchids, lime trees, five-point fruit tree, vegetables, bananas and even a pond with coi. The highlight of the yard is uncle Larry's aviary with baby budgies, quail and cockatoos. After a wonderful lunch of BBQ and salads we chatted on the terrace for hours watching the view of the mists on the mountains. Wow, what a day! I promise to actually take photos next time.

Today, Sunday, was quieter for Gavin and I but the kids' social life is picking up. Robin had a playdate with Hazel this afternoon and Will is booked for a play tomorrow after school. This puts me at ease a bit as they will adjust much better to school once they have friends that they can relax with.

After a couple days of socializing, I'm refreshed and looking forward to working on some papers this week. Deadlines are approaching so I will be working hard for a while.


  1. Pikelets are little mini pancakes. That come already made. They're weird. And less good than they sound. Glad to hear that the kids are adjusting though!

  2. Hey, sounds just like hobbits with second breakfast, elevensies and onesies!