Saturday, July 11, 2009

First day at Cassowary Cottage

Michele: Today we drove from Cairns to South Mission Beach and settled into the house at 38 Mitchell St. The house is grand, brightly colored and plenty big for us. The kitchen, living room and outside eating area have gorgeous views of the ocean and Dunk Island. Fish and Chips take away was a delightful way to start our stay in the house.

After a walk on the beach, we headed for the grocery store, Woolworths. Little did we realize that our timing was opportune as the store was closing in 40 minutes. Just enough time to grab food for several dinners, lunch etc The store is closed on Sundays so we would have been upset to have arrived later. We will need lots more time to go through the store because so many things were new to us. Just choosing cheese takes several minutes. In the end we chose tasty cheese.


  1. Choosing cheese should *always* take at *least* several minutes! Sounds great down there!

  2. your blog is so fun and so interesting to follow! happy days in aussie!