Wednesday, July 17, 2013

State of Origin

"State of Origin is the annual best-of-three series of rugby league football matches between the Blues and the Maroons, who represent the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland, respectively" (Wikipedia)

Why is it called that? It is called State of Origin because the players play not for the state where they currently  live but for the state where they played their first senior rugby game. 

What is it?  According to wikipedia "Touted as Australian sport's greatest rivalry, the State of Origin series is one of the country's and the region's premier sporting events."

Why do we keep hearing about it?  They are tied and the third game is tonight!!! Tonight! And they are tied!

To gain more insight into this phenomenon now we turn to our in the trenches reporter, Will, who gives us the scoop.

Michele: So what is the big deal about State of Origin?

Will: It is all the best players in Queensland,versus all the best players in New South Wales

Michele: More people live in New South Wales so they must win alot, yeah?

WIll: No. Queensland has won every series since 2006. And hopefully they will win this one.

Michele: Are your friends routing for Queensland?

Will: Yes!

Michele: Was there talk of the game at school?

WIll: There was a lot of talk because it is big game. And even the teachers were talking about it. At both lunches (little and big), Ms. Jackson, the principal game and said "All right.  When I count to three everyone who is for Queensland shout "Queenslander!" and then everyone who is routing for New South Wales shout "New South Wales!". Ms Jackson counted the three and then the room erupted with "QUEENSLANDER!"  followed by a soft "New South Wales!". Then again "QUEENSLANDER!"  then "New South Wales!".  They went on until the bell rung and then everyone went out to play.

Michele: When does the game start?

WIll: 7:30 pm

Michele: Uh oh, Masterchef Australia starts then too.

Will: We do have two TVs.


  1. Halftime report: QUEENSLAND 8: nsw 4.

  2. Final: QUEENSLAND 12; nsw 10 Yay!
    The last try by Queensland was called off because a streaker on the field interfered with the play. Ah, Australians.