Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fancy House Empty Pantry

[Michele] Furnished rentals are fantastic for holidays.  They can provide everything you need and can often be nicely decorated.  Our new place in South Mission Beach is gorgeous.  This is by far the nicest house I’ve ever stayed in.  It has a large main kitchen/dining/living area with 7 other rooms, outdoor kitchen/living/dining areas and beautiful furnishings.  Aside from the couch set in the living room and the second couch set in the home theatre, there are 7 more couches (5 outside near the pool).  Clearly the owners take their lounging seriously.   The house also has many beautiful objet d’art, some in lit recesses within custom-built structures. 

So if you are on holiday here, you are surrounded by beauty, and able to migrate comfortably out to the pool and back by lounging from couch to couch throughout your day.  You could even stand up and play pool in the gaming room until lounging urges overtook you again. Pretty sweet holiday!  We are really going to enjoy our 5 months here and sharing the house with our visitors.

OK, but here’s the thing.  The kitchen and pantry are nearly empty. We have got some basics but the miles of kitchen drawers are empty and the vast walk in pantry is bare.  When you are on holiday, you can get by with preparing quick meals, getting take away food and eating in restaurants.   When you are here for six months, you need more stuff.  You need things like flour, scissors, spices, garlic press (see blog from 2009), sticky tape, measuring cups, sugar, spatulas and wine stoppers (yeah, I know that one can just finish the bottle but I want the option of not doing so).   However, since discovering something in the pantry I now know that we will endure this time of sparse kitchen paraphernalia.  The saving grace of this house, the light in the darkness, the appliance that I found in the pantry, which establishes my faith that we can and will thrive in this house, is…. a rice steamer.  Ahhh - civilization.  

She’ll be right.

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