Thursday, July 25, 2013

meet Elvis

[Michele] After three long weeks of car searching and haggling, we have a car!  Elvis is a 2006 4-cylinder, manual transmission, Mitsubishi Lancer.  He is blue! [states the obvious]

This kids have named him Elvis.  I don't know why. Remember, that these are the same kids who named our black cat Yogurt.

Elvis (aka The King) comes with a rear spoiler, tinted window and a musty smell that we've come to learn is common to cars of his vintage in the wet tropics.

Through the past three weeks, we've learned a lot about used cars in Queensland. Information from a Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) certified inspection kept us from buying one car and in the end we bought Elvis from a dealer.  It turns out that used car salesmen in Australia are pretty much just like used car salesmen in the US.  Except the one here wore those long pointy shoes that I associate with Europeans with his jeans and smarmy grin.  But other than that, the same. Each and every car had been own by an older couple and meticulously cared for.  Apparently older couples like tinted windows and rear spoilers...

There weren't a lot of choices at the dealership so we went with the best fit for us, which happened to have manual transmission.  Just when we were keeping the indicator and windshield wipers straight (they are switched here), the manual transmission has given us a new round of feeling like doofuses.  Several times today I reached with my right hand for the shifter only to find the car door handle.  Doh!

If you see us driving down the road, you might want to give us some space till we sort out this left-handed manual transmission.

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