Monday, July 29, 2013

dragon fruit, hype or not?

[Michele] Dragon fruit. The name evokes a fruit bursting with flavor.  A fruit to be nibbled or paired with yogurt to calm the explosion on the tongue.  A fruit that just might be an acquired taste.

Cut it open and the bright red interior of Dragon fruit screams "I'm too much for you to handle!".  Watch out! That sprinkling of seeds could be fiery in your mouth.

At the Mareeba market, the sales person shouts to passersby about the rewards of eating Dragon fruit.  You figure not to eat this fruit would be missing out on a life experience.

Girding yourself, you cut a small piece of the red fruit, avoiding the skin which is not to be eaten. The salesman at the market recommended serving Dragon fruit sprinkled with lime juice so you to dribble some onto the fruit.  Tentatively you bite, chew, swallow.

What happened?

All I tasted was lime.

I tried another piece of Dragon fruit this time without lime in order to have the unadulterated experience.

Bite, chew, swallow.

Same thing.


According to some web sites Dragon fruit (or Pitaya) is the fruit of a cactus and goes well in fruit salads.  Yeah, I suppose it would be good in fruit salads for some visual drama since it is more colorful than the air that it tastes like.

Some may like Dragon fruit but it seems like all hype to me.

The kids sampling Dragon fruit at the Mareeba Market.
I love the look that Robin is giving the salesman who handed her this fruit to try.
Meanwhile, Will claims to like the taste.
[Robin] I disagree! I think that Dragon fruit is not as flavorful as the name suggests but it isn't all bad.  if you put it on vanilla ice cream with a little bit of lime juice, it is yummy.

[Michele] How is it yummier than just putting lime juice on vanilla ice cream?

[Robin] Because dragon fruit does have a taste and it tastes good. It is just subtle.

[Gavin] I agree with Robin.

[Michele] Hmmm.

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