Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's say you were stranded on a deserted island

[Michele] What would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island?   We got to put this question to the test as we packed for a camping trip to Wheeler Island, one of the Family Island group (see arrow on the map).

Because we were seven people and planned on bringing tents, kayaks and lots of assorted gear and food, we ended up splitting into two boats.  Pamela, Lexie, Robin and myself got dropped off by Mission Beach Charters while Gavin, Chris and Will went over in a hired tinnie.  Miles from shore, we had the entire island to ourselves.
Photo of our campsite stolen from Chris Oberg's facebook page

We snorkeled, ate, slept, kayaked, ate, read, swam, read, ate, climbed rocks etc.  For me the highlights were dancing in the moonlight on the beach, kayaking with a sea turtle and seeing a manta ray while we snorkeled.  But probably the best part was hanging out with family and soaking in the fabulous scenery and environment.  We'll remember this experience for a long time!

If I ever get the chance to be stranded on a deserted Island again I know I'm bringing family.

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