Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Boomerang go boom!

throwing the boomerang 
[Michele]  While visiting Healesville Sanctuary we saw a boomerang demonstration and bought one that was made by the demonstrator.   Unlike the painted ones in the gift shop this one was shaped well for flight.   So while our clothes were getting washed in the laudromat, Will went to a park with a big grassy field to try out his boomerang.  He throws really well but his catching is not so good.  There were a couple of wild flights but many of his throws went around very nicely. Maybe there is some connection between his baseball pitching skills and his boomerang throwing skills.

Robin also gave it a go.  Her arm was  not quite so good and a wonky throw went very high.  Will tried to catch it but the boomerang got him in the forehead. uh oh!  Lots of blood.  uh oh!

Let's take a look. About 2 cm long. uh oh!  It is deep.  uh oh! You need stitches kiddo.  uh oh!

We asked a  nearby dog-walker where the medical center was and he was very nice to walk us there. Thank goodness it was just 1 block from the park.   When the receptionist saw the blood, she took Will right to the surgery.

The Russian surgeon and the nurse made various boomerang jokes.  "Good thing it wasn't a tomahawk!  You see, in your country it would be a tomahawk. Ha ha!" said the russian doctor.  I wasn't amused but made a 'hm' noise so he would cease this joke.

The Dr's accent was a bit thick and due some misunderstandings he ended up giving Will some thing like 7 injections of local anesthetic.  So when the actual sewing up started, Will hardly felt a thing.  The cut went all the way to bone so he will have these two stitches and the surgical strips on for 1 week.

The whole process went very smoothly.  We've scaled down some of our plans for the last few days of our holiday. Only short walks in the woods yesterday and no swimming in the hotel pool tonight.

So now Will gets a scar with a pretty cool story whether he choose to say that the scar was from Voldemort or from a boomerang.

I'm also thinking that when they teach you how to throw a boomerang, they should also teach you how to catch it!

[Will] Nana, if you are reading this. I'm feeling fine.

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