Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good things in Victoria

[Michele] After a few days in Melbourne we are now exploring rural Victoria.  This Spring holiday is a great chance for us to enjoy things not readily available in far north Queensland.  

Vistas of green rolling hills that look straight out of Lord of the Rings.

Some of my favorite beverages.  Lorna contends (and I agree) that Passiona has a much more authentic passion fruit flavor than the Pasita soft drink that is more readily available in far north Queensland.  Carlton Draught has been a favorite of mine since I saw their epic 'Big Ad' advertisement back in 2005.  The beer itself is also quite tasty.

We are also enjoying the cool weather.  We've been wearing jumpers since the first two days.  Since Victoria juts out into the Southern Ocean, like Tasmania and New Zealand, it gets slammed by high winds and cool temperatures.  The winds have brought down a lot of trees and branches.
As long as there is room enough for a car, she'll be right.

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