Thursday, August 13, 2009

South Mission Beach Accomodations

Michele: In one week, we will have house guests so I thought I would provide a brief overview of accommodations for anyone planning, thinking or dreaming of visiting. Our house is in a residential part of Mission Beach but just up the street is a upscale resort called The Elandra. No, not The Elandra Hotel or Elandra near the Sea but The Elandra. There is a posh looking sign for The Elandra at the turn off for South Mission Beach -- as if aside from The Elandra there might not be any reason to go to South Mission Beach.

A while back, Gavin and I walked up to see what the hoopla was all about. After two blocks the residential part of our street ends and the street climbs up a hill through the rain forest. There are a few more houses near the top of the hill -- houses with names, those sort of houses. Then a ways farther starts the grand entrance of The Elandra with stone walls, palms in perfect alignment and notable lack of cassowary scat on the road. It was the sort of road that made it clear that no one arrives at The Elandra on foot... well except us. So we walk down the entrance road past the parking area and into the front lobby.

This is where our American accents can really come in handy. We explain that we are checking the place out for prospective visitors and could they share with us some promotional materials. They gave us a pamphlet that touted the features of The Elandra, the pool, dining views and secluded villas. All for the low, low price of $500 per night. We tried to coolly explore the common areas of the resort but Gavin and I were chuckling too much over the cost to really pull it off.

So on the one hand there is The Elandra and on the other hand there is our guest room. At our guest room you can enjoy ocean views while dining indoors or al fresco on our covered terrace. The pool is open at all hours to guests. Alternative accommodation consisting of bunk beds are in the poolside lounge area with en suite bathroom. Exercise facilities include the nearby beach, tracks and a choice of bicycles. Nightly entertainment includes whatever is on Australian free TV.

Cost to you? Free!
So now that we are done with the settling in phase of our adventures we are ready for the hosting phase. All you've got to do is get here.

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