Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sun bird nest in the garage

Sun Bird nest gets prime garage space while
Elvis has to park outside in the sun and rain.
[Michele]  About a month ago some sun birds were scoping out the garage door opener cord in our garage.  We had gotten into a habit of leaving the door open and so the birds thought that this might be a good place to nest.  It is out of the rain and wind and away from tree snakes. Or maybe they just really liked Elvis, our car.  We put  up some other strings under the awnings around the house but for whatever reason (Elvis?) the garage was the top pick.

The nest is an amazing construction complete with awning.  It really is incredible how strong it is and the whole thing was built by two birds in about 1.5 weeks while Betsy was visiting. This is much much faster that the construction of the Sea Wall at the Kennedy Esplanade -- that 3 month project was 2 months late in getting completed. Since building the nest, they've lined it with feathers but no sign of eggs yet.

Since they started building the nest, we've taken to parking Elvis outside of the garage. Gavin also uses the side door so as not to disturb the nesting Sun Birds.  We would love to see eggs and chicks in the nest but we may not get a chance. The new tenants move in on Dec 16th. We don't know if they are bird lovers or not but we will leave a note asking the new tenants to consider leaving the garage door open.

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