Sunday, December 8, 2013

Robin the gypsy

[Michele]  I will be honest, this blog post is more blackmail fodder for my eldest child than anything else.

Robin in gypsy mode! Hey!
You see Robin got trapped into performing as a gypsy in her dance school's end of the year performance.  The only way that she could take ballet classes was to agree to be in the show.  If you had told her before hand that she would have to wear a corset, dance on pointe, wear false eye lashes and wear a wig, we can all guess what her reaction would have been. The teacher wisely gave her these details one by one over several months.

The show was the 5th and 6th of December and it was great fun for Larry, Coreen and Kamin to come out for the opening night.  Well, it would have been more fun if the malfunctioning spot light weren't aimed at the audience. But nevertheless, it was fun to see the show with them. Even with the wig we could recognize Robin flashing across the stage doing her gypsy thing.  She did great!  I am particularly proud that she committed to her role in the show, gave it her best and danced with a smile.

How Robin really feels about this.
Both Robin and Will have over the past 5 months thrived under strange and foreign conditions. They have mastered new classroom dynamics, navigated well established social circles, contributed to the various group efforts and deepened their love for a part of the world very different from where they have spent all their lives. I hope that these experiences guide them well as they tackle future challenges.

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  1. The last paragraph entered in here was beautiful! and I hope so too for you!