Tuesday, August 6, 2013

homophone fun

[Robin]  Today we learned about homophones in reading.  What we did was we had a list of words that all had one or more more homophones.  We had to find at least one homophone for each word. Most of them were pretty easy like
  • through   --->  threw

But the first one that I got stuck on was
  • caught  --->  ?
I took a moment to think and then I thought of cot.
  • caught  --->  cot
But when we were going through them the teacher said the homophone was 'court'.
  • caught  --->  court ?!?!?!
I was confused because that is not a homophone!

I told he teacher that I though the homophone was cot and she was confused at first. Then she realized that I was American and she explained to the class that in America they say things differently.

The second one I got stuck on was
  • floors ---> ????
Now guess what the homophone for that could be? It is tough isn't it.  Maybe it could be
  • floors ---> flowers ?
  • floors ---> flours ?
  • floors ---> flares ?
Nope.  the actual answer is
  • floors ----> flaws !?!?

Australians are wierd as.

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