Thursday, August 8, 2013

Drinks for your lifestyle

Sign at the Woolies in Wongaling Beach
[Michele] I recently posted this picture on facebook and asked

What grocery store product would you expect to find in this section of the store?

Prooving once again that I have amazingly clever and interesting family and friends, here are the responses (names are removed to protect the innocent):

  • Rum and eyepatches for the Pirate lifestyle

  • Definately alcohol!

  • Gatorade.

  • Red Bull and Robitussin

  • Baby formula

  • Vitamin water and beer

  • Sports drinks, fancy waters, fancy iced teas

  • It's an entire aisle filled with Absinthe and glow sticks. And Geritol.

  • Fermented yak's milk?

  • Sex toys

  • Wine! My lifestyle is greatly enhanced by wine 

  • Metamucil and milk of magnesia.

So I am starting to think that you clever people should write this blog instead of us -- it would be far more interesting!

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for.... What products does the Wongaling Beach Woolies call lifestyle drinks?

Sure enough... gatorade and fancy ice tea.  Just off the picture to the left were some sparkling grape juice and non-alcoholic beer.

None of my personal drink choices (diet coke, IPA beer and red wine) are in this particular section of the store. I'm not sure what this means for my lifestyle.

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