Saturday, February 15, 2014

kids are too cool for New Zealand... well maybe not

[Michele] While we were traveling through the South Island, it seemed that Robin and Will were more excited about the trampolines in many of the campgrounds than the spectacular scenary of New Zealand.

So now that we are in back in Amherst it is interesting to hear the kids reflect on our kiwi holiday.

Today we drove to a downhill ski area in the Berkshires and Robin remarked that the so-called 'mountains' around us would just be called hills in New Zealand.  Yeah, probably.   So when does a hill become a mountain, I asked.  Robin replied that it needs to higher than tree line. Hmm interesting definition.  I think she might have been spoiled on mountains from our trip to NZ.

What was more encouraging was that both Robin and Will both said that they found New Zealand to be beautiful and want to go back. They found the mountains inspiring as well.  

So it turns out they were taking it all in during our travels.  But maybe they were just too cool to show that they were impressed.

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