Sunday, November 17, 2013

A three cassowary sighting day

A blurry looking and (no doubt)
feeling Greg and Katie
arrive at Cairns airport
[Michele]  Ok, well none of us actually saw three cassowaries in one day but amongst our family we saw three in one day. Well, probably two the sightings were of the same bird...  But still an impressive day.

First Cassowary: On the way to the airport  in late morning to get Greg and Katie a cassowary casually crossed the road in front of us.  We got some fabulous photos.

Second Cassowary:  Coming back from the airport Greg and Gavin saw a Cassowary by the police station.  Do you realize that this means that Greg saw a Cassowary on his very first day in Mission Beach?  Before he even got out of the car!!   This is un heard of!!
Cassowary casually crossed the road on our way to the
airport. BTW, in the rearview mirror you can see Gavin's
"Bitcoin is the honey badger of money" t-shirt.  Very
appropriate if you have been following bit coin prices recently.

Third Cassowary:  On the way to the talent show Robin and I saw a cassowary near the police station at dusk. Now I know what you are thinking. Hey wait a second, isn't that the same place that Gavin and Greg saw a cassowary?  Yes it probably was. BUT we were not in the car with them when they saw it 4 hours earlier.  Therefore, our sighting counts as an entirely new Cassowary sighting.
Our beautiful little swan Robin looking
proud after her great performance!

By the way Robin did a fantastic jobs dancing the Little Swans dance from Swan Lake at the talent show.  The show was very heavy on singer/guitarist and the ballet dance was refreshingly different.  We all thought that she rocked it.  Apparently the judges really like singer/guitarists.

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