Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The perfect day

Will and Robin - Today was the perfect day in many many ways. One way is that we went blow carting. Americans call it sand yatching, which sounds fancier. And it was really really fun. There is a cart with a sail and you steer and tighten or loosen the sail to make it go faster or slower and there are handles to make it turn. It has three wheels. We went really fast up and down the beach and in the water a little bit. Also I had Pavlova for snack. And twice today we went swimming in the ocean. It was really fun since the waves are big - there is lots of wind and no barrier island. When a big wave comes I jump up and they are pretty high. Also I had really really good dinner at a restaurant and I tried octopus. It turns out that I like it. And I had really really good ice cream for dessert. This afternoon I learned how to play Spades, which is a really fun card game.

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