Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yungaburra: Platypus

Gavin: When we were in Australia two years ago we stayed in Yungaburra for one night before piling back into the minivan and visiting the Undara lava tubes.

My secret super-power is forgetting names, so of course I had no idea I'd ever been in Yungaburra before when I booked two nights at Bushland Cottages. I managed to drive all around town and still not realize I'd ever been there before (in my defense, we did most of the driving around in the dark, and my mum didn't realize she'd been there before, either; maybe that particular cluelessness is genetic). It wasn't until we'd spent the night and were walking to the grocery store that I recognized the house we'd spent the night in two years ago.

Bushland Cottages was a very nice place to stay; clean, comfortable, with a wood-burning stove that we actually used because the nights were a little chilly. Their best feature is a walking path that connects to the public walking track along Peterson Creek, which is home to several platypus (Platipi? Platypuses?). Walking along the creek in the morning or evening we always saw at least one, and usually saw more than one. Like movie stars, they're smaller when you see them in person.

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  1. I just want to state for the record that I remembered well Yungaburra and for this reason encouraged Gavin to take the kids there. They got to watch the platypi while I was at Mt Isa region. Rocks v platypi.... a tough decision.