Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Will Wins Best Behaved Religion Student

Michele: I didn't have a picture of Will in religion class so I posted this picture of Will with uber-goofy hair on the ride to the Eddy Reef.

The school year here in Australia is winding to a close and today was the last day of Religion class. The Religion teacher gave bags of lollies (candy) to each student and then gave beautiful fish-shaped kitchen magnets to the best behaved girl and boy students. And guess what?

Will was the awarded the best behaved protestant grades 1 & 2 boy.

I am proud of Will. Not only is he recognized among his peers, but how cool is it to say that he won an award for the best behaved grades 1 & 2 boy in protestant religion class at Mission Beach State School? C'mon! In 10 years, I guarantee that this is one story that his friends will never believe!


  1. Oh yes I'm quite sure when people ask Will, "What was the coolest thing from your trip?" he'll quickly respond, "I was voted Best Behaved Protestant 2nd Grade Boy in all of the whole Mission Beach State School!" :)

  2. LOL. The kitchen magnet is pretty cool though!